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Stylish and Affordable Venetian Blinds

Add that finishing touch to any room in your home with the highest quality Venetian blinds, at affordable prices.
Venetian blinds have horizontally suspended adjustable slats that provide total control over the light and privacy of your rooms. They bring a contemporary and trendy ambience while giving warmth to rooms. Excellent at transforming bright and breezy rooms into soft and subtle places, our selection can also provide a natural texture to improve your room interior. They can also blend easily in contemporary, period and heritage homes.

Our Venetian Blinds

At Awesome Blinds, we are proud to have the best selection of Venetian blinds. Our extensive variety of blinds are specially made with premium quality materials to meet tough Australian industry standards. All of our products are durable and long lasting, along with being easy to clean and maintain. We provide you with the latest timber and aluminium designs to give that special finishing touch to your home or office.

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Materials and colours

We have a wide range of attractive colour options and quality finishes to suit any interior design theme. Choose from simple and discreet colours, or bright and bold colours depending on your tastes. No matter what sort of feel you are hoping to achieve, we are sure to have the exact type of window furnishings for you!

*Basswood Timber
Our blinds are manufactured with a plantation grown short grain timber, which makes a stable and durable product. This timber is finished with a low gloss paint or coloured wrap in a number of popular shades and colours. The maximum width of this type of blind is 3000mm, and is available in 50mm slats.

We supply the fascias for all these venetian blinds in the harbour bridge style. Our standard fascias are made to be 10mm longer than the blind width for good recess fit and are 20mm longer for a face fit with 70mm returns for face fit blinds.

*New York
This material is 100% Polystyrene and is specially produced to look identical to timber venetians. These blinds are vigorously tested for stability, fading and warping for up to 70 degrees C. Available in 50mm and 63mm slats, they come in a generous variety of colours that can be manufactured to up to 2700mm width.

This wooden styled material is made from a compound of wood and PVC. These compounds are thoroughly examined for stability, fading and warping, and are tested in temperatures exceeding 60 degrees C. They are available in 50mm and 63mm slats. Our range comes in a smooth or textured finish in a large range of colours. The maximum width for this type of material is 2700mm.

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venetian blinds

Where are Venetian Blinds most suitable?

PVC Venetians are water resistant, and are the ideal furnishings for water prone areas like bathrooms and kitchens. They can also be cleaned with just a simple wipe down with a cloth. Timber and aluminium Venetian blinds are perfect for bedrooms and living areas. They give rooms a textured look as well as the ability to match and complement your interiors effortlessly.

Sizes and Specification

We produce customised blinds to fit to your unique measurements, preferences and budget. Please refer to the above information under our ‘Materials and Colours’ section to learn about our sizes and specifications. If you have more questions regarding this topic, contact our team of professionals.

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venetian blinds

Benefits of Our Venetian Blinds

  • Excellent warranties
  • Fast and professional installation
  • The best prices in Melbourne
  • Protection against UV rays
  • Easy to clean surfaces
  • Resistant to fade and discolouration
  • Effective light and privacy control
  • Customised to your exact specifications
  • Multiple materials and colours for any theme

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With Venetian blinds, you can manage the amount of light entering through windows by opening and closing the blades. Yet, there will be some light pocking in through blades. Whereas regular blinds can block the light completely and offer control over privacy during the day or night.
We have an amazing Venetian blinds selection in various materials. Basswood Timber, a firm and sturdy product; New York, a 100% Polystyrene material known for its stability and wraps up to 70 degrees celsius; Tuscany, a blend of wood and PVC.
No, you cannot see even a slight movement through the Venetian blinds at night once the slates are closed.
Venetian blinds usually last for 10 to 15 years, given they are not roughly handled. We manufacture and install qualitative and durable Venetian blinds.
Venetian blinds are easy to clean. A regular wipe-down at least once a month will keep them shiny and good to go at all times! You can use a feather duster, an old sock or dry cloth to clean Venetian blinds.

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