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double roller blinds

Quality and Stylish Double Roller Blinds in Melbourne & Sydney

We make and install affordable double roller blinds in Melbourne & Sydney without compromising on quality. Our window furnishings are made from the best materials. We use heavy duty aluminium roll tubes and spring assistance to allow users to adjust them easily and smoothly. We can also join two or more double blinds to operate them at the same time using the patented EasyLink design.

Achieve better privacy and light control for your rooms at any time or season with our awesome selection of double roller blinds.

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double roller blinds

Double Roller Blinds are a great all-round solution

Our double or dual roller blinds are a combination of two types of fabrics fitted to a single bracket. A popular choice is to pair blockout with sunscreen fabrics. Having both these coverings in a simple bracket lets you save space while enabling you to adjust them up and down to control the level of light and privacy you want for your rooms.

The sunscreen fabric allows privacy, and protection from the sun while retaining the outside view during the day. The block out fabric will give you complete privacy at night. They also help cool down your home by providing insulation during the warmer months. Rollers are chain operated for a smooth and easy operation, with multilink control systems that allow you to operate multiple blinds at the same time.

Motorised options that use remote-control or self-operated programmes are available too.

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double roller blinds

How Double Roller Blinds work?

Double Roller Blinds are extremely versatile and are available in multiple materials. Each fabric has a unique purpose, and offer different degrees off light filtering and insulation for your home.

Blockout Roller Blinds

Blockout Blinds are useful for home insulation and are great for keeping the temperature in your home at a comfortable level during the winter and summer months. The term “block out” also refers to the level of light that the fabric allows through the material, with optimum room darkening being the result.

Sunscreen Roller Blinds

The fabric used for Sunscreen Blinds allows light to filter into your home during the day, while also offering privacy. They are designed to give relief from heat and UV-Rays and are translucent enough to allow you to see through them. There are many different colours available, and when working with the block out fabric, provide a perfect all round blinds solution.

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double roller blinds

Benefits of Our Double Roller Blinds:

  • Long warranty
  • Best prices
  • Heavy duty materials used
  • Effectively control light and privacy
  • Smooth and easy operation
  • Multiple styles, fabrics, colours and textures
  • Bacteria, fade and mould resistant
  • Non-flammable and distortion free
  • Space saving
  • Convenient motorised options
  • Easy Link design to control multiple blinds at once
double roller blinds

Materials and colours

We have a wide variety of block out and sunscreen fabrics available for you. Our materials come in different colours, finishes and styles. They are bacteria, fade and mould resistant, easy to clean, non-flammable and distortion free. We are positive that you will be able to find the most suitable materials and styles to suit your room theme and budget!

Where are Double Roller Blinds most suitable?

Double Roller Blinds are ideal for bedrooms and living areas that require multiple blind functions due to the fact that these rooms are utilised during both day and night.

Sizes and Specifications

Our quality and stylish window coverings are made to your requirements and budget. To learn more about our sizes and specifications, get in touch with us!

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