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Day & Night Blinds are the perfect combination of flexibility, light regulation, and privacy. The sheer fabric allows you to select how much all-natural light enters, while still keeping your view open and safeguarding your security. A zebra day-night blind is an ideal option for usage throughout the day and night; it utilises only one fabric which moves the horizontal panels for controlling day and night.

At Awesome Blinds, we take into account all aspects when providing a window treatment solution for your abode. We offer high-quality day-night blinds to those in Melbourne and neighbouring areas.

Types of Day-Night Blinds in Melbourne

Our made-to-measure day and night blinds provide an ideal option for those who wish to enjoy the sunlight in the day while maintaining their privacy in the evening. We offer a varied selection of these blinds in Melbourne and nearby areas.

The top three varieties of day-night window coverings available in Melbourne include

Roller Day-Night Blinds

They are versatile, stylish and modern, allowing you to control the amount of light that enters a space. Whether you want complete privacy or a bright and airy atmosphere, these blinds can make all the difference.

Zebra Day-Night Blinds

These day-night blinds are perfect for people who want to control the amount of light that comes into their homes. They’re ideal for those who don’t want too much sunlight coming through and also for those who need almost complete darkness at certain times of the day.

Vertical Day-Night Blinds

Vertical blinds have some privacy shortfalls which can be exploited by outsiders, both during the day and night. One is the ability to see inside the house once it gets dark, due to potential visibility issues when looking in from different angles.

Advantages of Day Night Blinds

Day-night blinds are highly versatile and provide a great deal of control over light and privacy. They offer far more control than other types of window treatments available in Melbourne, during the day and at night.

Some of the biggest advantages of day-night blinds are-

  • You can change the intensity of natural light entering in your room
  • You can either darken or uncover the room as and when necessary
  • These blinds can perfectly match with your room’s appearance and ecosystem
  • You can get high level of privacy during the day and night
  • Dual-purpose blinds can darken the room with functional efficiency
Motorised Roller Blinds

How to Choose Day-Night Blinds for Your Melbourne Home?

Functionality and practicality make day-night blinds an ideal option for any Melbourne residence. Some helpful advice on selecting the right day-night blinds is to consider factors such as-

  • Take into account the humidity and insulation of your space
  • Consider the size and placement of windows in relation to the ceiling height.
  • Think about privacy needs, in addition to light filtration requirements
  • Consider motorised day-night blinds for more comfort and automation

Melbourne-based companies can provide custom-made day-night blinds that seamlessly blend with your room’s setup!

Day Night Blinds Installation and Maintenance

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At Awesome Blinds, we offer a professional installation service in Melbourne and nearby regions.

  • Measure your window
  • Mark the positions for holes
  • Attach the necessary brackets
  • Install the Blinds
  • Safety device planning
  • Establish the safety cleat

If you want your day-night blinds to last a long time, make sure to follow these maintenance tips-

  • Use a duster and clean day-night blinds gently
  • A soft and pliable duster is fine for zebra blinds
  • Schedule maintenance from a reputed company
  • Never use a vacuum cleaner or soak night blinds in water
  • Never use a brush on day-night blinds
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Looking for Day-Night Blinds in Melbourne at Affordable Rates?

Why Choose Us for Day Night Blinds in Melbourne?

As an Australian business, we offer custom-made window blinds of superior quality at competitive prices. Our customer service stands out from the rest: We’re always here, extending beyond regular business hours if need be! We have set the standards for customer services with high-quality products for over two decades in Melbourne and other regions of Australia.

We’re a renowned supplier of reliable, specially designed blinds and window treatments – all at an affordable price. Our experienced consultants can help you find the perfect roller or plantation shutters to suit your needs. Additionally, our expert craftsmen provide onsite fitting for day-night blinds in Melbourne and nearby areas.

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Frequently Asked Questions

At Awesome Blinds, we provide a large selection of day-night shades, available in three varieties- zebra, roller, and vertical.

When it comes to cleaning day-night blinds, it is important to keep the cord tangle-free; Also, you should not scrub harshly as this can damage the material; you can use warm soapy water and a cloth or sponge to wipe them down; and avoid using harsh chemical solutions.

Day-night blinds allow for privacy, temperature control, and the ability to block out direct sunlight in a room. They provide a modern, sleek look without sacrificing functionality. This type of window covering also provides plenty of versatility for those wanting to adjust their environment according to the time of day or season.

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