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Motorised Blinds Melbourne

As an elegant and energy-efficient way to control the natural light, motorised blinds are a great option. They can be controlled with a remote, increasing convenience and adjusting the amount of light in a room.

Motorised blinds or remote control blinds offer many benefits including automated control, energy efficiency, and attractive appearance. As an automated smart home integration, you can also set them on timers so that they open and close automatically, which is great if you want to let in some natural light during the day but keep your home dark at night. Motorised blinds in Melbourne also enhance convenience and are also quieter than traditional window treatments, so you won’t have to worry about waking up your family or disturbing your neighbours when you adjust them.

Types of Motorised Blinds in Melbourne

These smart home blinds are designed to modernise your home with the ease of use and high convenience. They bring a sophistication that is suitable for any home with remote control and programmable functions based on technology.

It is easy to operate motorised blinds using remote control in Melbourne, which means that you can access them even from outside your home. This can be handy if you want to let in some light while you’re away on vacation or if you want to close them tight when you’re out of town.

Motorised roller blinds

They offer a luxury touch to your room and remain child safe. You can operate them using the button on a remote control.

Motorised vertical blinds

They can maintain a subtle balance between light and privacy as automated blinds. A small motor enables the blind fabric to roll up or down vertically.

Motorised Roman blinds

They are different from roller blinds as you can roll up roller blinds whereas folding up Roman blinds.

Many options are available from these three types as per your needs and choice at Awesome Blinds.

Advantages of Motorised Blinds

Motorised blinds provide the safest option for families with small children, as there are no cords or chains which can pose a risk. With the use of various remotes, motorised blinds make it easy to operate single or multiple blinds at once with the noise reduction advantage.

Motorised blinds offer more convenience and remain energy-efficient as compared to other blinds in Melbourne and nearby areas. Motorisation enables you to get rid of the physical wear and tear due to manual operations. Motorised blinds have a combination of modern technology and home automation concept.

Get Motorised Blinds with a Wide Range of Quality Products.

How motorised Blinds Work?

As the name suggests, motorised blinds have a small motor that gently turns the blind shaft at a touch of a button on the remote control. A motor allows the blind fabric to roll up or down on your window or across a sky lantern. The battery fits above and connects to a motor to give it power. Motorised blinds are similar to electric blinds and therefore, they’re not required to be controlled manually. Advanced motorised blinds in Melbourne are based on wireless technology and offer an app and voice-based control.

Installation and Maintenance

Describe the installation process

At Awesome Blinds, we offer a professional installation service for motorised blinds of all types. Our experienced installation specialists follow the standard process for installation.

  • Unclip the Blind and remove the chain drive
  • Insert a motor in it
  • Point the charging port down
  • Putting the blind back up
  • Set up controls for remote control and automation

Tips for maintaining motorised blinds

Regular cleaning and scheduled maintenance are two big factors for maintaining your motorised blinds for long periods of time. Some of the maintenance tips for motorised blinds in Melbourne include the following-

  • You can use the brush attachment
  • Use a rubber sponge for effective cleaning
  • Never soak your blinds
  • Schedule a maintenance appointment

Why Choose Us for Motorised Blinds?

We, at Awesome Blinds, have a variety of motorised blinds. As a leading name in the window furnishing industry, we offer a vast range of blinds, shutters, and security doors in Melbourne, Sydney, New Castle & Central Coast. We can give end-to-end professional services from installation to maintenance as we are one of the top manufacturers and suppliers of blinds and window furnishing.

We guarantee the best price in quality products with excellent customer services. We offer fast installation and regular maintenance services at affordable prices. You get customisable blinds and shutters made of durable materials.

What Our Clients Say


It’s a great experience to have motorised blinds installed in my home. I really appreciate the service and quality products offered by Awesome Blinds.



Well, they know what it takes to have a sleek and pleasant home with a range of elegant blinds. Thanks, Awesome Blinds! I’ll recommend it for sure.



Awesome Blinds is indeed a big name in home automation solutions with high-quality products, affordable rates, and regular maintenance services.


Frequently Asked Questions

Our experienced consultants visit your house and suggest you the most suitable motorised blind option. We consider various aspects including remote controls, power, budget, and motor while suggesting the option.

Key types of motorised blinds are motorised roller blinds, motorised vertical blinds, and motorised Roman blinds.

Apart from enhancing the aesthetic of your home, motorised blinds are energy-efficient and control the light effectively. As a home automation solution, motorised blinds can increase comfort and convenience for every member.

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