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There is now a plethora of curtains to choose from, making it hard to select the best for your home. Among them you will find various types of window treatments such as pleats and s-folds which have their own distinct texture and drape.

S Fold Curtains are an elegant choice of curtain that has become popular in Melbourne, appearing often in renovation shows and high-end magazines. If you are building a new home, chances are you’ve already seen them during your visits to display homes and been amazed at the luxurious feel they can add.

Types of S Fold Curtains in Melbourne

S-Fold curtains are available in different types, colours, and materials. Look at the variety of options available in S-fold curtains in Melbourne.

Linen S-Fold Curtains

In this type of curtain, S-fold waves remain fixed using tape. It is combined with textured linen and creates an airy and light appearance in your room.

Sheer S-Fold Curtains

These curtains are made of polyester and they have a textured sheer finish that creates an appealing visual interest in any room of your choice.

Blockout S-Fold Curtains

Blockout curtains are designed to block out natural light and keep flooring, furniture, and other valuable assets safe from sun damage while ensuring complete privacy

Advantages of S-fold Curtains

S-fold curtains come with plenty of advantages for homeowners in Melbourne. Their high versatility allows you to blend them easily with different decor types. Whether you prefer an industrial or contemporary look, these curtains will certainly suit the interior design. For something a bit more traditional, S-fold curtains can be just as suitable in a bedroom or lounge with a sleek design.

If you want to add a touch of elegance to your home, s-fold curtains are your right option. Unlike more traditional types of window treatments, these curtains are light-filtering and airy, offering a bold yet subtle look for any interior. Other benefits of S-fold curtains are easy operation and they remain privacy-enhancing for your home.

How to Choose Sheer Curtains for Your Melbourne Home?

Awesome Blinds offers S-Fold curtains for your home in Melbourne. Our premium quality curtains possess all the features of a great window covering, from an attractive appearance to versatile functionality.

  • You can consider colour, style, type of fabric or material, and ecosystem of your room while selecting the s-fold curtains.
  • Curtain rods, curtain hardware, and the installation process also matter when it comes to selecting the s-fold curtains in Melbourne.
  • Our collection of s-fold curtains includes sheer curtains, linen curtains, and blockout curtains that enable you to choose the right option based on space and lighting requirements.

Installation and Maintenance

At Awesome Blinds, our experienced staff offers professional installation services. Do you want to know more about the installation process for s-fold curtains?

Here is the step-by-step process of wall-mount installation.

  • Adjust brackets
  • Find the studs of timber
  • Fix the brackets
  • Present the track to the brackets
  • Fit the Wand(s)
  • Insert the hooks into the tape
  • Hang the curtain

Regular cleaning can increase the lifespan of the s-fold curtain. Here are some useful tips for maintaining your s-fold curtains in Melbourne.

  • Vacuum curtains gently
  • Treat spills and stains immediately
  • Gently scrap or mop any liquid from the fabric’s surface
  • Don’t use abrasive products, solvents, or industrial cleaners
  • Check the compatibility of commercial spot cleaners before using
  • Be careful while opting for machine washing. You can take advice from the vendor.
  • You can contact Awesome Blinds for scheduled maintenance of your curtains and other window treatment solutions.

Looking to Give Your Home a Luxury Look with Designer S-Fold Curtains?

Why Choose Us for Sheer Curtains in Melbourne?

Awesome Blinds is your one-stop shop for all types of curtains. Whether you are in search of premium quality sheer curtains or S-fold curtains in Melbourne, we can assist you with a variety of colours and sizes. Over 20 years of experience and a dedicated team ensure that you always get top-quality products in blinds, curtains, and plantation shutters.

We give free quotes and measurements with excellent customer service in Melbourne, Sydney, and New Castle. If you are in search of a reliable partner for window treatment solutions, Awesome Blinds is your preferred choice with a vast collection of affordable and customizable products.

What Our Clients Say


S-fold curtains have changed the appearance of my home completely. Awesome Blinds has a variety of window covering solutions and among them, I like s-fold curtains the most!



They know the way to satisfy their customers with quality products. Thanks Awesome Blinds for showing me a complete range of designer S-fold curtains.



Luxury look and sun protection, what else do I want for my home in Melbourne? Thanks, Awesome Blinds! You’ve made my home more elegant than ever.


Frequently Asked Questions

“S Fold” refers to the curtain with the ‘S’ pattern made when it’s hung on the track. Other names of S-Fold curtains are Ripple fold curtains and Wave fold curtains.

S Fold curtains can be installed in two ways- Outside Fit. It fits the window architrave and under the cornice or Celling Fit. It fits into the ceiling or bulkhead. We, at Awesome Blinds, provide our customers with professional installation services for any type of curtain.

Our S Fold curtains are manufactured as Centre Open, Right-Hand Stack, and Left-Hand Stack.

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