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Wood Or Composite Plantation Shutters; Which One Is For You?

September 22, 2017

Plantation shutters in Melbourne are a popular choice for window treatments. Due to its versatile, budget-friendly and decorative features, many homes and commercial spaces have plantation shutters.

While there are all sorts of blinds for Melbourne homes, there are two main kinds of plantation shutters: wood and composite. The main difference is that both are made from either real wood or fake wood. However, both of them also have other benefits that suit purposes. If you’re looking to install plantation shutters consider these two kinds of blinds for your home:

Wood Plantation Shutters in Melbourne.

Wood Plantation Shutters in Melbourne
Wooden plantation shutters are blinds made of natural wood. Timber blinds have always had a regal reputation, being a plantation shutter option for those looking for luxury window coverings.

However, most wooden plantation shutters are made to suit any budget, so you don’t have to compromise on style to coincide with being cost-effective. Plantation shutters like basswood are both an affordable, durable and natural plantation shutter option for those in the market for stylish and budget-friendly window coverings.

Timber plantation shutters are also suited for larger areas. Because wood plantation shutters are lightweight, they can be cut and fit into larger panel sizes, unlike other blinds that are denser. This is because the longer the panel is, the harder it is for the hinges to hold its weight.

Composite Blinds in Melbourne.

Composite Blinds in Melbourne
Composite or faux wood plantation shutters are blinds that are made of engineered wood. Faux wood plantation shutters are MDF wrapped in a PVC or vinyl coating. While the fact that composite blinds aren’t made of real wood may be off-putting, it’s also one of its main advantages.

Because composite blinds are PVC or vinyl coated, it’s more resistant to moisture than its real counterpart. That’s why composite plantation shutters are most often found in wet areas like a kitchen or bathroom.

Composite shutters are also very environmentally friendly. Faux wood plantation shutters are made from recycled materials, so even when it’s time to replace them, it can be reused to create more plantation shutters.

Choosing The Right Plantation Shutter For Your Home.

Both wooded and faux wood plantation shutters have a variety of benefits. Choosing the right blinds for your Melbourne home solely depends on how these variables can benefit you. If you’re looking for stylish plantation shutters for any window size, wood is for you.

And if you’re after blinds that are more suitable for wet areas in your home like bathrooms, faux plantation shutters may help you better in the long run.

In the end, both wood and composite plantation shutters are durable covering options that will provide your home with efficient privacy, insulation and aesthetic appeal.

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