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Simplicity is key with to great window furnishings

September 8, 2016

Window dressings are one of the easiest ways to completely transform the look of any room in your home. Minimalism is very popular at the moment, and with more modern interiors, come more modern blind designs.

Below we list a few key techniques that can help you easily maximise the look of your room with quality window furnishings.

Simplicity is key

Often less is more when it comes to interior design, and clean, simple lines are often used in modern interiors to enhance the potential of a room. Shutters are a great choice when it comes to creating a timeless effect. With uncomplicated linear patterns, they can also be easily layered with cheer curtains for some added texture.

Use patterns

Opt for tone and texture in a room to add warmth and space, rather than creating distractions with too many different colours and patterns.

Geometric patterns are still a go-to design, with trellis designs and bright colours with floral designs still a great choice for larger window areas. Bright shapes such as squares can draw attention to the outside view, however make sure to choose colours that will match your garden view from the inside of the room.

Blend your colours

Make sure that your window furnishings match the interior of the room, particularly the paintjob on the walls and ceiling. Current trends in tone have moved towards the direction of the colour of jewels, such as bottle green and teal, which have the effect of creating a natural feel to the environment.

Maintain a neat look by blending tones and colours rather than having the blinds or shutters dominate the room. Layering can also be a good idea, and it is possible to use a range of drapes and blinds for this. Just remember to keep it simple, and have all colours working together.

Think about what the room is going to be used for. It’s a room in which you want to relax, use softer and warmer colours. If it’s intended as a play area for children, brighter colours and patterns should be used to evoke a sense of creativity and life.

Create a great look with cellular blinds

A very popular window furnishing used today are honeycomb blinds, also known as cellular blinds, which use a hollow cellular structure in the design. Honeycomb blinds are able to create a simple look, with a soft light look that filters through the blinds. Because of their hollow design, they are also great for insulation, which is great for those cold and hot months in Melbourne and Sydney.

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