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Shades or Blinds – How to Take the Right Decision for your Home?

October 31, 2018
Shades or Blinds – How to Take the Right Decision for your Home?

If you are thinking of purchasing new window coverings for your space, you might not know where to begin. We, at Awesome Blinds, think that the best way to do this is to decide which – whether, blinds or shades, are the perfect fit for your space!

You might use the words blinds and shades interchangeably, but the reality is these are two distinct categories that divide your window covering choices in half. For starters, blinds are window dressings made with horizontal panels, whereas, shades can be made with one or multiple pieces of fabric. Considering functionality, they achieve the same goal of covering your window, but, they highly vary in operation, style, price and other features. If you are confused on how to choose one between the two, here we have made the list of basic questions you should ask yourself.

Adjustable Light Control + Privacy

Blinds and shades accomplish these requirements differently. Blinds have horizontal slats, that can be inclined to adjust the light. Shades, on the other hand, have a complete piece of fabric; so they leave you with just two choices – open or closed. Nonetheless, a translucent fabric can let the natural light in, along with keeping your windows covered for privacy.


Cleaning the blinds is like a walk in the park. They can easily be wiped off by just a soft cloth and some furniture polish. Having said that, if your shades get dirty, you can simply clean them with warm water or wipe them off with a brush attachment. If you live in a high-traffic area or have kids and pets that make a chaos – blinds are a better option.

Aesthetic Appeal

Both blinds and shades can give your space a luxurious and an elite appeal. If you want to refurbish your dining room, go for roman shades or wood blinds in a luxurious fabric. You can never go wrong with classic white blinds, but some might find it boring. If you want your window treatments to be highlighted, and not merge with the background of your interiors, go for colourful roman or roller shades. We have 100s of patterns and fabrics to match any space.


Because of the rising varieties for blinds and shades, we can’t really conclude that one is costlier than the other. However, with different styles, prizes can vary. A primary and simple roller shade can be as cheap as $20, whereas a Roman shade with luxurious fabric and motorised lift, can cost more. Since, blinds have fewer custom options than that of shades, you can get a high-end look for much less. Even with the extra bells and whistles, blinds will be inexpensive than its high-grade shade counterpart.
Found Your Ideal Match?

Have we lead you to the blinds and shades that you desired? Don’t stop here! Go ahead and give us, i.e., Awesome Blinds, a call to order fabrics and measure your windows. We will be extremely happy to assist you in the entire process.

Still Perplexed?

If you are still not sure what style of blinds and shades you should choose for your space, contact an Awesome Blinds designer today! To let us guide through the entire process, call us at 1300 550 552.

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