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Plantation shutters are here to stay.

November 11, 2016

There are no two ways that plantation shutters are a popular choice among many home buyers and renovators. The reasons are many. Be it the budget, maintenance, hygiene, this specific variety of blind has it all covered.

Plantation shutters are typically chosen as an option for dressing your windows and doors as it usually comes under your estimated budget. Unlike the other options available such as curtains and drapes, plantation shutters come in ready made option as well as can be customised depending on your specific needs.

No two plantation shutters are the same.

There are no two plantation shutters which look the same and give the same look to your interiors or exteriors. This is because you can choose to customise the spaces between each horizontal slats. The width and thickness of the slats can also be determined by you. Interestingly, with growing demand for plantation shutters, it now comes in different materials too.

Plantation shutters in different materials.

Wood, plastic, metal are just some of the materials that people opt for. This makes it suit for every budget without compromising on the looks and your interior decor. While choosing the material for your blinds, it is important to identify the location where you are planning to install it.

Wet and moist areas will require plastic material, as they do not retain any moisture. They are waterproof and super easy to clean.

Similarly, you may want your living or dining space to have a more heavy look. You could also choose the finish of the wooden slats on your blinds to compliment the overall look of your lounge room.

Blinds provide robust security.

If you are concerned about the security of your premises, plantation shutters still pass the test. As they can be made in metal , they act as a giant , robust shutters which you can roll down , when going for a long holiday or as you desire.

Plantation shutters have been around for a really long time and are here to stay.

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