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How To Clean Your Outdoor Blinds in Melbourne

June 21, 2018

With Melbourne’s winter chills now in full effect, it’s hard to think you’ll need your outdoor blinds at home or at your restaurant or cafe. However, just because they’re not in use doesn’t mean you should neglect them. Idle blinds gather a lot of dust over time, amongst other effects from our city’s unpredictable weather.

Keeping your outdoor blinds and plantation shutters in Melbourne no matter what the season is crucial. Because there are so many kinds of outdoor blinds available, you can’t always use a general cleaning method or tools for every type. Take care of your window furnishings by following these cleaning tips:

Check you’ve got the right cleaning equipment for your type of blinds

Finding the correct way of cleaning depends on whether you’ve got furnishings for your windows at home or as part of the alfresco dining area at your restaurant or cafe. For instance, wooden outdoor blinds tend to swell up when rinsed so you’ll need to be more cautious with it compared to plastic or metal ones. While stubborn stains on fabric awnings can be specially treated with a hypochlorite bleach. Get the tools that suit your plantation shutters or coverings for a proper clean.

Give your blinds a careful rinse

You can’t mindlessly hose down your blinds. Before you soak your blinds keep an eye on the hose’s pressure, or gently wash over it with a bucket. Water is a lot stronger than it appears and enough pressure can wear down the quality of the slats over time and even cause frail ones to snap.

Scrub the materials with a soft brush and a diluted solution

No matter what kind of blinds you have, always ensure you have a soft brush or cloth along with a diluted cleaning agent to take care of any stains or dirt. Rough brushes and cleaning products that are too strong may appear to clean your blinds faster but will also damage the materials.

Make sure it’s completely dry before retracting

Once you’ve gotten rid of all the visible dirt on your blinds you need to let it naturally dry out. Excess moisture could get trapped within the somethings of your window furnishings that could lead to mould or mildew. Avoid any stains and deterioration of your blinds by leaving them until they’re completely dry before pulling them back up.

Need help fixing, maintaining or replacing your current outdoor blinds? Get in touch with one of our experts today. At Awesome Blinds, we can help you with all your outdoor blinds needs. Call us now 1300 550 552 on to learn more about our blinds and plantation shutters in Melbourne.

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