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How Much Do Plantation Shutters Cost? And How Do They Increase Home Value?

January 21, 2019
How Much Do Plantation Shutters Cost? And How Do They Increase Home Value?

Plantation shutters are one of the most popular window-covering options that people are adding to their homes for a number of good reasons. They are a homeowner’s favourite because they offer a clean and classic look to any room without being jazzy and loud. This leads us to one important question: How much does it cost to have plantation shutters installed?

The price of plantation shutters largely depend on the type of material, manufacturing and installation costs. They are labour inclusive and involve a number of steps to get assembled to the exact measurements of your windows. Generally, the cost of installing plantation shutters can be approximately $20 per square foot.

Now, the question is what makes plantation shutters so popular among homeowners? Don’t worry! We’ve got all your questions covered!

  • They are Extremely Durable – Unlike blinds and curtains, plantation shutters will not fade or tear. They are thick and robust, do not lose their colour and will not tear or peel. The sturdiness of plantation shutters makes them last for years – all thanks to their high standard of designing.
  • They Look Classic and Elegant – Plantation shutters are contemporary, stylish and an absolutely timeless addition to your homes. They are subtle, sophisticated and can complement almost any interior.
  • They Can Offer Superior Insulation – Because plantation shutters are thick and are designed to fit into any window frame, they can offer extreme insulation compared to curtains and blinds. They can ventilate the rooms during the summers while keeping the sun away and block cold breeze when the winter arrives.
  • They Offer Great Health Benefits – Shades, curtains and blinds can easily get dirty and are famous for harbouring dust. Plantation shutters can be the best option if the members of your family suffer from asthma or allergies. They are easier to clean because of wipe-clean surfaces, offering great health benefits.
  • They Offer Adjustable Light Control – Because plantation shutters are fitted perfectly into your window frames, very little or no light can emit through the cracks. Having said that, the slats on plantation shutters can be opened fully or partially, to adjust the exact amount of light you desire.

Do You Want to Buy Customised Plantation Shutters to Improve your Home Value?

If you are thinking of putting your home for a sale, or simply want to enhance the interiors of your home to increase its resale value, you should right away install plantation shutters in Melbourne. To discuss some options for your home, call the specialists at Awesome Blinds today at 1300 550 552 and schedule an in-home consultation! We would be delighted to serve you!

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