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Choosing the right roller blinds for your needs

June 7, 2016

Sleek, simple, and incredibly versatile, roller blinds have been a huge hit in homes right throughout Melbourne and Sydney. Roller blinds are one of the very few pieces of any interior design aspect that can suit any type of home, with their highly affordable price tag making them open for all. How then, with so many types of roller blinds available and with their brilliant benefits attached, do you pick up the right one for your home’s interior?

We’ve rounded up three important things to consider when you’ve made the decision to invest in roller blinds for your home. We’ll go through the types of fabric, the variations of roller blinds themselves, and a few other things to think about in regards to roller blinds. The truth is that there’s a roller blind for almost every practical purpose that you can think of, so finding the right one for your particular needs is assured, as long as you know what you’re looking for.

What fabric should I choose?

Our roller blinds in Melbourne are made from a wide variety of light control materials. Anything from letting light pass through uninhibited, to completely blocking out the sun’s rays, are all available for you to choose from, and it’s really up to you to decide on what you want. But to know what type of fabric to choose from, let’s first have a look at the room where you will be fitting them.

If this room is quite bright already, without the use of any form of window furnishings, then choosing a fabric that filters at least half of the light might be a good bet. This will make sure that the room stays naturally lit when they are wound down. If the room is quite dark, however, opt for the most screen friendly fabric that you can find. This will maximise the light passing through, and bring some form of natural light back to the interior.

Is there such a thing as a type of roller blind?

Many people don’t seem to realise just how many variations of roller blinds there actually are. From fully automated blinds, to a dual blind system, and even one that sets itself to the level of light that is present, the practical nature is seemingly never ending. All of these are simply about choice and convenience; that is what you want from your roller blinds.

If you’re always on the go, or lead an extremely frenetic lifestyle, then you may wish to invest that little bit more in an automated system. Similarly, there are some parts of Australia where screening light and blocking it out are both vital, and dual roller blinds can facilitate the need for both. We recommend that you assess what you want out of your roller blinds, and what will make your life easier.

Other considerations about your choice

There are many aspects that can make or break your decision, too. If you have a young family, durability becomes a heightened concern, and you may wish to forego larger roller blinds for smaller ones. This makes sure that the roller blind itself will remain taut, meaning there’s less chance for children to damage or sag the blind when playing.

Another aspect to think about that you may not have initially considered is the severity and direction of the sunlight that will hit the room where the blinds will be installed. This is important as the UV radiation can not only fade your furniture, but also can pose a slight risk to your health. In this scenario, it would be wise to invest in a UV resistant fabric. Many of these are capable of blocking out up to 98% of UV radiation, and don’t cost anything additionally in price.

If you’re still unsure about what type of roller blind to get, remember that we are always here to help. The team at Awesome Blinds represents wide experience in knowing what works and what looks good, and will be able to provide you with the right advice on your purchase. Simply call us today on 1300 550 552, wherever you are in Sydney or Melbourne, and let us help you get the roller blinds that you have always wanted for your home.

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