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How To Choose The Right Fabric And Material For Your Blinds

November 28, 2017
How To Choose The Right Fabric And Material For Your Blinds

Internal blinds such as roller blinds, roman blinds, vertical blinds and panel glide blinds are all available with a variety of fabrics. Looking for the perfect fabric and material for your blinds can be a daunting task.

From colour, material to purpose, a lot factors into choosing the ideal fabric for your internal blinds. If you’re in the middle of renovating your space or want to spruce up your current blinds, here is a simple prompt guide to help you decide on the fabric of your window treatment:

Figure out the room’s light exposure

Fabrics are available such a wide range of colours and designs it can be easy to derail and only consider the aesthetic appeal of your blinds. But the main purpose of your internal window coverings is to keep the sunlight out.

Understand how light travels in your space. Does your living room suffer from intense direct sunlight? Is your bathroom always stuff because of lack of ventilation? Different fabrics come in a variety of functional styles.

For example, blockout fabrics are popular for those who want to keep the intense sunlight out of rooms. On the other hand, lighter translucent fabrics are more appropriate for areas without too much sunlight, as dense materials can make a room feel suffocating.

Consider the kind of blinds you have

All fabric blinds can be fitted with a range of materials. But some fabrics are better suited for certain kinds of window treatments. A fabric on a roman blind may not look or suit the functionality of a vertical one.

For example roller blinds are renowned for its sleek, minimal design. Therefore its fabric appearance can affect the interior appeal of the blinds. However, your vertical blinds need specific materials to work properly.

The kind of blinds you have will help narrow down your fabric options. You should determine the material your blinds need regarding appearance and practically as well.

Suit your style and interior design

Decorating a room doesn’t just extend to the paint or furniture. Blinds can also affect the overall aesthetic of the space. You can create a mood, focal point or colour coordinate with the right fabrics.

Apart from keeping the sun out, blockout fabrics are also great at creating complete privacy for a cosy space. Sheer fabrics, on the other hand, can create a light and alleviated atmosphere as it diffuses harsh light while letting you enjoy the view.

With the variety of colours fabrics come in you can have your blinds juxtapose with a room’s colour scheme to brag attention. Or find the perfect fabric to suit the colour palette of your space. Your blinds can be the ultimate canvas of expression for your home.

Need help finding the right material for your blinds? Our friendly staff at Awesome Blinds will help match your space with the right fabrics. Contact our window furnishing service today. You can call us on now 1300 550 552.

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