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A detailed guide to choosing the right blinds for your home

February 15, 2016

We get asked quite a lot on what we think is the best method to make sure that blinds and curtains complement any particular home design. With so many types of blinds to choose from, not to mention the ever increasing amount of materials and fabrics to select, it can prove to be quite a daunting task. Whilst there is no definitive process, due to all of the variables present, there are a few things that you can keep an eye out for.


The colours of your home’s interior and exterior can play a pivotal role in choosing the right blinds or curtains. This doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to colour match everything in your home’s design to the one shade, either. Contrast, lighter and darker tones, and even a mixture of all three, in some cases, can all look great in conjunction with one another. The exterior architecture style of your home, however, is a key illustrator of what can work.

More contemporary style homes and apartments often suit more muted colours and contrasts, tolerating subtle pastel shades to a point. Whereas, for a more traditional style home design, enriched with natural brick colour, the world really is your oyster. Try to focus on the saturation and hue of the colours that surround your abode, and work around that. Chances are that your blinds will look great if they are tailored to the exterior, rather than the other way around.

Types of curtains and blinds

There’s plenty of choice nowadays on blind and curtain styles, all of which excel in controlling sunlight and looking sharp in your overall home design. Again, the exterior style of your home can help in determining what is going to look good, but don’t let that become more important than practicality. Ideally, any curtains or blinds you’re looking to choose will become an effective compromise between fitting into your interior style, and making your home more accessible.

If you own an older style of home design, consider something that will suit, such as plantation shutters or venetian blinds. Plantation shutters, in particular, owe a lot of their popularity to their rustic appearance, whilst offering all of the modern comforts that you would expect in this day and age. Modern homes can benefit from trim roller blinds, and there’s plenty of variety in this genre to suit any contemporary style.

Other considerations

In terms of suitability, there are a whole heap of other concerns that are worth looking into before purchasing your blinds or curtains. These include:

  • Child safe blinds, which is very important for younger families.
  • Accessibility, which may include motorisation of the blinds, or installing an easy to use pull rod.
  • Durability, which is more of a concern for busy homes.

Fortunately, there’s plenty of choice that will perfectly suit all of these situations, of which won’t compromise the overall look of your home design. The wider industry has gone to great lengths to address these concerns, meaning that there’s a product out there if any of these areas are likely to influence your decision.

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