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6 Simple Ways To Maintain Your Plantation Shutters

February 2, 2018
6 Simple Ways To Maintain Your Plantation Shutters

Plantation shutters are a stylish and reliable way to have added privacy in your home. From bi-folds, sliding or hinged shutters, there are so many ways you can include chic plantation shutters in your household. But finding the right shutters for your space if just half the battle. To prolong the quality of your window treatment here are 6 easy ways to take care of your plantation shutters:

1. Move the louvres with care

The louvre is the blade that tilts open and close. Make sure you don’t put any excessive strain on your louvres when adjusting them. Too much force can damage the framework. If the blades feel stiff re-adjust the screws on the side instead.

2. Don’t open shutters for too long

Another way that can add pressure to your plantation shutters is keeping the louvres open for an excess amount of time. While plantation shutters are renowned for how you can control how much light is in the room, they are designed to be closed. Louvers opened for long periods will affect the framework by damaging the hinges.

3. Tighten and loosen louvres

As time passes, your plantation shutters will go through a lot of wear and tear. A typical issue that arises is floppy louvres that either won’t stay open or are too tight to adjust. When this occurs simply adjust the tension screw found on both sides of the shutter panel. Play around by either tightening or loosening these screws until it is equal on both sides.

4. Clean regularly

Cleaning your plantation shutters regularly not only helps maintain its looks but stops its materials from affecting its functionality. Dust your shutters once a week to avoid build up and then do a thorough clean at least once a month. This means taking off the shutters from the windows, removing the hinges and cleaning out all the crevices. When cleaning you should also avoid using soapy water as it can damage the material of your shutters.

5. Touch up paint scratches

If your plantation shutters are painted, you should treat any scratches or chips like you would the interior trim of your home. Tiny marks can easily be touched up using a small foam brush. Check with your provider for the correct colour.

6. Know when to call for service

While regular maintenance can prolong the life of your plantation shutters, you should know when it’s time to get it restored by a professional. From broken or damaged louvres, staples coming out to sliders not operating, anything that is out of the scope of proper handling and cleaning should be checked by your provider.

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