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5 Outstanding Benefits Of Plantation Shutters

July 2, 2018

Your window furnishings can affect the comfort and style of your home more than you realise. The right kind of blinds can transform your home into a more comfortable and efficient space.

Whether you’ve just moved into a new place or looking into replacing your current window treatments, plantation shutters are an exceptional kind of furnishings for any kind of home.

Plantation shutters are made of timber or faux wood louvres that are mounted in a solid frame with a tilt rod either in the back or middle of the shutter that’s used for control.

They are one of the most installed kind of blinds for homes. Here are 5 ways these window treatments will enhance your space:

Chic look

Looking for blinds to spruce up your living room or bedroom? Plantation shutters are a stylish replacement due to their elegant look. The wooden louvres are timeless and can add a cosy element to any room.

Simple to use

Plantation shutters are idiot proof. Anyone in your household will be able to easily operate these blinds. This is because of its central control. Simply move the tilt rod either up or down to move the blades.

Versatile design

Does your home have a specific interior design already? Plantation shutters can be customised to suit any style as well as size and shape of the window. For the perfect custom fit blinds, your local plantation shutter experts can assess your home and windows for an accurate fitting.

Great insulation

Melbourne’s renowned for some of the harshest climates in Australia. Our chilling Winters and blistering Summers mean that on extreme days comfort at home is a must. The thick material of plantation shutters’ act as the perfect barrier against cold winds and direct sunlight, making maintaining the temperature inside more bearable.

Easy to clean

With plantation shutters, you’ll be able to reduce the time it takes to complete your house chores. To maintain the quality of your shutters all you’ll need to do is give the slats a thorough wipe down. The easy operation and large flat surface, you don’t have to worry about removing any of the louvres or playing around with chords or chains to keep them clean.

On the hunt for high-quality plantation shutters in Melbourne? At Awesome Blinds, we provide Melbourne locals with exceptional blinds. Our catalogue of plantation shutters can be fitted to suit any home. For more information on our budget-friendly blinds and range of plantation shutters for Melbourne, homes call 1300 550 552

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