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5 Major Benefits of Made to Order Blinds

October 30, 2018
5 Major Benefits of Made to Order Blinds

When you think of buying new blinds for your home, you will probably question yourself, whether to go for “off the rack” blinds or custom blinds. The question is what’s the difference? Are custom blinds worth the extra money? Although the readymade blinds may be a more cost-effective option, there are many advantages of custom blinds that cannot be ignored – here are some of them!

Improved Fit = Improved Look

Just like clothing, prefabricated blinds come in standard sizes. However, the problem with that is just like us, windows do not have a standard size too! Buying prefabricated or “off the rack” blinds means that there will always be some extra work left to be done to make the blinds fit perfectly. Customised or made to order blinds, on the other hand, are specifically tailored to suit your windows exclusively. So, you can be rest assured that they will fit perfectly and look beautiful.

Wide Range of Fabrics and Colours

When it comes to choosing the perfect fabric or colour for your blinds, nothing is impossible or enough. You always have the option of choosing from an ocean of options and pick exactly what you want, with the exact fabric and with the exact colour – no compromises! With made to order blinds, you can perfectly complement or match the look and feel of any space of your home.

The Right Blinds for the Right Home

When you choose a professional blind company, they will help you with the advice of expert and experienced professionals on which type of blind can be the best fit for your rooms and spaces. For e.g., if you want blinds for your bedroom, blocking the light is the main priority. A professional consultant will be able to guide you through the entire process and will talk you through the entire range of options that you have.

No Compromises Involved

When you choose readymade blinds, there are always some compromises involved, here and there. But with made to order blinds, there is absolutely no need to compromise on your favourite colour or your favourite fabric! You will get exactly what you desire for and it will be a perfect fit for your space. A professional blind company will send consultants to your place with a variety of fabric samples so that you can see the patterns and colours look in your rooms.

Let Us Do the Hard Work for You!

When you go for Awesome Blinds, our trained professionals will come to your place, evaluate your space and give you the right advice. We will show you how the blinds will function and look in your space. With our knowledge and experience, we are sure to help you make the right decision, especially it comes to blinds in Melbourne. Still wondering whether to choose customised or readymade blinds? Come and talk to us or give us a call today at 1300 550 552.

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