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5 Ideal Window Dressings for Tiny Homes

September 27, 2018
5 Ideal Window Dressings for Tiny Homes

To fully maximise the potential of tiny rooms, there are a number of ideas that can be executed –
choosing the right window dressings being the major one. From simple plantation shutters to classic
curtains and contemporary blinds, there are lots of creative ways in which window dressings can
boost the look of your tiny homes into something bigger, brighter and better.

1. Keep it Neat and Tidy with Plantation Shutters

Window shutters provide the maximum privacy and when split into two tiers – offer maximum flexibility too.
For a neat and tidy window treatment for a small room, plantation shutters should be your go-to.
They not only allow the maximum amount of light that enters the room but also greatly impacts on
how big your space feels and looks.

2. Keep it Unfussy, Pretty and Practical with Roman or Roller Blinds

Usually, vaulted or sloped ceilings in attic rooms have small windows. Therefore, to create the maximum
impact and create the illusion of greater space, make sure that you keep your window treatments
modest and understated. A basic roman or roller blind fitted tightly inside the window opening, is
perfect for an uncluttered feel. For best results, choose a patterned fabric with small details that
compliment your décor.

3. Combine Bold Colour with Formal Styling

To make an outgoing and dramatic statement in a small room, choose a combination of bold colour with
formal styling. You can go for a pair of full-length curtains that have the same bold shade as the
colour of the walls. This will draw an eye outside and create an illusion of greater space indoors, as
the walls won’t be too cut-up, visibly.

4. Use Patterns and Designs of Fabrics to Create an Illusion of Space

Using patterns and designs is probably the best way to maximise the illusion of space in a small room. A bold
horizontal stripe pattern will give a feeling that the room is wider than it actually is and therefore, is
perfect for a compact attic home or a small office space. Ombre effects and abstract style for your
window dressings are an actual trend at the moment and can ideally create a softer mood in your

5. Use Feature Curtains to Zone Small Spaces

Making a feature of your curtains can actually help you to open up a small space in a decent way without the
space being cluttered. You can choose a theme for the windowed area of your space and layer the
look of your room accordingly. Also, you can enhance the look by going for complementary
tablecloth and cushions to give your area, its own look.

Are you still facing challenges while tackling with window treatments in a tiny room? Don’t worry!
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