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5 Benefits Of Blockout Blinds For Melbourne Homes

March 21, 2018
5 Benefits Of Blockout Blinds For Melbourne Homes

Melbourne is renowned for its extreme weather. For instance, during Summer the direct sunlight is not only harsh on the skin, but can also make any home feel uncomfortable without proper air conditioning and window coverings.

A popular and effective window covering are blockout blinds. Blockout blinds are versatile window furnishings that act as both a stylish accessory as well as a practical solution against harsh weather conditions. Here are 5 ways blockout blinds can help improve your home:

1. Save on energy bills

When it comes to summer heat, your air conditioner gets overworked. Blockout blinds help insulate your home, so you don’t have to have your AC blasting all day. The thick materials help keep direct sunlight out, and cool air in.

2. Decrease airborne allergens

A major problem with regular shades and curtains is the amount of dust and pollen that builds upon the material. Blockout blinds can be made with low allergenic fabrics to ensure everyone in your home is safe from airborne allergens.

3. Added privacy and comfort

Not all fabric window coverings can provide complete comfort and privacy. The thick material that’s used for blockout blinds ensures your space is completely shut away from the outside world. Blockout blinds can make a room feel cosier as well as acting as an extra security measure from prying eyes outside.

4. Sound reduction

Blockout blinds are renowned for their sun-proofing capabilities, but they can also help with other external nuisances. Because of its fabric, blockout blinds are also great noise reducers. They can help block out loud noises outdoors.

5. Extra Insulation

During Summer blockout blinds are outstanding at keeping direct sunlight out. However, these blinds can also help insulate a room during Winter. Because blockout blinds help seal your windows it keeps the chilly breeze out, leaving your space nice and warm during the cooler months.

Want blockout blinds installed in your Melbourne home? Get the Awesome Blinds team to match your space with quality blinds and plantation shutters. Contact our expert crew today by calling 1300 550 552.

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