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4 Creative Ways To Decorate With Plantation Shutters

August 3, 2017

A lot of people who have blinds in Melbourne and Sydney benefit from their efficient light control as the weather is often fickle.

However, plantation shutters are also a great way to decorate the room. While plantation shutters are already fashionable on their own, there are many ways to take your window furnishing renovations even further.

If you’re after a way to spruce up your plantation shutters, so they stand out instead of blend in with the furniture here are 4 tricks to revitalise the blinds for Sydney and Melbourne homes:

1. Curtains for extra privacy and comfort.

Curtains for extra privacy and comfort
During the height of winter plantation shutters in Melbourne and Sydney homes just aren’t enough to keep in the heat. A stylish way to add cosiness into your living space is to combine your plantation shutters with curtains. Long, thick curtains in dark tones often give the perfect comfy atmosphere for those cold winter nights.

2. Vibrant draperies and valances.

Vibrant draperies and valances
Curtains aren’t the only fabrics you can use to enhance a room. Draperies and valances add another dimension to plantation shutters and your home. Thick fabrics paired with plantation shutters create a luxurious feel to any room while patterned valances add a touch of novelty and charm.

3. Two-tone colours.

Two-tone colours
When deciding on the colour palette of your house, windows are often put at the bottom of the list of areas to consider. But that doesn’t mean your plantation shutters should miss out. A clever way to have your blinds match your home’s interior and exterior colour is to have two-toned plantation shutters. By painting one side one colour and the other side differently, you can add a refreshing look to your room while also matching your home’s colour scheme.

4. Colour pop.

Colour pop
Another way to bring colour into your plantation shutters is giving it a splash of colour. Having your blinds be the focal point of the room is a unique way to liven up a bedroom or living room. Highlight your plantation shutters with bright or contrasting colours for a captivating look.

There are many ways to spruce your interior design with plantation shutters. If you’re considering having blinds in your home, get in touch with Awesome Blinds for Sydney and Melbourne plantation shutters. Our experienced team of window furnishing experts will happily help your home install plantation shutters in Sydney and Melbourne.

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