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4 Blinds To Keep You Cool This Summer

November 30, 2017
4 Blinds To Keep You Cool This Summer

Melbourne is renowned for its extreme Summers. The heat can be unbearable, especially when you’re stuck indoors. Our air-conditioners work over time during the sunnier months. But blinds can also help keep you cool. Here are 4 kinds of blinds that will help you beat the Melbourne heat:

1. Roman shades

Battling the heat is a big task when the sun is shining through your window all day. Roman shades come in a variety of fabrics that can not just block out the sunlight but act as good insulation when fitted well. The blackout capabilities of roman shades’ fabrics also help you get through those summer nights where you just want to relax in a dim, cosy space.

2. Roller shutters

Apart from keeping the sun out, proper insulation also helps make the heat bearable. Roller shutters not only keeps the light out but the slats create a tight barrier over the window which creates a pocket of air to insulate your window from the sun. Due to this effect roller shutters are also the ideal choice for outdoor blinds.

3. Vertical blinds

Your bathroom can suffer from extreme humidity during Summer. However, not all blinds suit wet areas. Vertical blinds can provide comfort from the heat in bathrooms while also being able to withstand the splash zone. The slats can be tilted to a 45-degree angle to vent the space while keeping the sunlight out.

4. Wooden blinds

Direct sunlight in your living room or bedroom makes a big difference in comfort, especially during Summer days. While fabric blinds are a great way to help dim the room and insulate the space, some sunlight still gets through the softer materials. Wooden blinds are a helpful alternative for those who don’t want to install dense blackout shades but still want to keep sunlight away.

Want to keep the heat out with blinds and plantation shutters? Contact Awesome Blinds today. Our blinds and plantation shutters Melbourne company can help you find the perfect window treatment for Summer. Call us now on 1300 550 552 to learn more about our professional window furnishing services.

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