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3 Tell-Tale Signs It’s Time To Replace Your Plantation Shutters

August 9, 2017

Window furnishings offer a variety of benefits. From providing privacy and light control, regulating the weather by keeping the warmth in during winter and heat out in summer as well as being a fashionable way to revitalise the interior design of a home. And now plantation shutters are proving to be the trend in blinds for Sydney and Melbourne homes.

However, sometimes our window furnishings miss out on a little TLC. We may forget to clean them every once in awhile, or the kids and pets might have been having a little too much fun with them.

Whatever the case there is a difference between an easy fix and when a new set of window furnishings is needed. Here are 3 ways to know when it’s time to let go of your plantation shutters:

1. Difficult to maneuver

Difficult to maneuver
A lot of factors can affect the mobility of your plantation shutter. From a broken slat, magnet or frame, blinds that need to be replaced will take more than a simple pull to open. If it’s starting to become a struggle to let the sunlight in (or keep out), it’s time to consider getting rid of your plantation shutters.

2. Discoloured slats

Over time the colour of your plantation shutters will eventually fade. Due to Australia’s tough summer days, plantation shutters in Sydney and Melbourne are often hit with a lot of sunshine that causes the colours to fade and yellow. Saturated slats are not only an eyesore but also means the material of the plantation shutters are deteriorating and therefore needs to be replaced.

3. Lack of light control.

Lack of light control
Weather can be a fickle thing. One minute there are nice blue skies and then thunderstorms the next. That’s why most homes with blinds in Melbourne and Sydney benefit with plantation shutters’ consistent light control. But when slats are broken or refuse to shut ultimately it stops doing its job, and that’s when you know it’s time to consider getting new blinds.

When it’s time, it’s time. Replacing your plantation shutters in Melbourne and Sydney can be a complicated task that is best left to the experts.

Get in touch with Awesome Blinds for Melbourne and Sydney today. Our experienced team of talented window furnishing professionals will help take care of your plantation shutters in Melbourne and Sydney.

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