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3 Styles Of Window Treatments For Kids Bedrooms

May 1, 2018
3 Styles Of Window Treatments For Kids Bedrooms

Decorating a kid’s bedroom is a lot of fun. Kids rooms are the perfect space for self-expression and give you a chance to use bright bold colours and decor. While you’re busy renovating your child’s bedroom it’s easy to get lost in the wall colours, storage spaces and linen that window furnishings can slip out of mind.

However, getting the right window treatments in your child’s room is just as important. If you’re stuck visiting showrooms for the perfect blinds or plantation shutters in Melbourne, here are 3 kinds of window furnishings to consider for your kids’ bedroom:

Blockout Roller Blinds

Due to their need for sleep and rest, it’s crucial for your kids to have a comfortable space to relax. With blockout roller blinds they can have rest without the interruption of direct sunlight. The material thickness helps you determine just how much (or how little) sunlight you want coming through the room.

Blockout roller blinds are versatile and come in a variety of colours, patterns and material thickness. With these window furnishings, you get both style and functionality, ultimately enhancing the atmosphere of your kid’s room.

Colourful Plantation Shutters

Traditional plantation shutters are chic and sophisticated, typically used for matching aesthetics in the living room or master bedrooms. Made of wood or faux food, plantation shutters are renowned for their effective light and climate control. Most plantation shutters either maintain the natural colour of its wood material or get painted over with white.

However, you can also customise plantation shutters with a variety of colours to match the tastes of your kids. Whether you revamp the slats to have all the colours of the rainbow, or go bold with bright pinks, blues or yellows, plantation shutters balances between stylish decor and kid-friendly window furnishings when transformed with pops of colour.

Roman Blinds

Safety plays a big role in how you decorate your child’s room. No matter how old your kids are, playtime is always full of energy and the last thing on their minds is the safety of their environment.

If you’re after blinds that are stylish and child-friendly roman blinds provide the perfect mixture of fashionable and functional design. Roman blinds are usually made of soft linen and are easy to use for both adults and kids. With Roman blinds, you won’t need to worry about your kids fiddling around with cords or hard materials.

Need new blinds or plantation shutters for your kids’ bedroom? Get in touch with us at Awesome Blinds. We have an extensive catalogue of roller blinds, plantation shutters and roman blinds for Melbourne locals. Call us now on 1300 550 552 to get a free quote for your blinds today.

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